Monday, July 28, 2008

Measured and Weighed

Slow and lazy today not a lot accomplished. But I did get that batch of handspun from yesterday's post weighed and measured.

This batch is 264 grams, approximately 520 yards, WPI approximately 13, but obviously variable!

This batch is 159 grams, 249 yards, WPI approximately 12, and again variable. :o)

This one is 96 grams, 141 yards, WPI approximately 13, and yet again variable lol.

The rest of these all fall into the bulky/super bulky range. The first batch range is 70-83 grams per hank, 42 - 58 yards. The second batch below weigh in between 24 - 34 grams per hank, 20 - 38 yards (some of these are Navajo plied)

All tolled there is 898 grams and 1186 yards. I think I can work this into a decent enough cardi for the Ravelympics. :o)

I'm thrilled with what I've done, although I do realize there is much room for improvement. :o) I'm just amazed at how different the rovings looked before they were spun. All but the really bright yellow, and the darker tawny one were nearly identical in color until spun. Boy was I surprised when some of them ended up celery green and others yellow!

I've also got a decent handle on how large my singles should be. giggle/snort Now I just have to see if I can actually achieve that size. :o) So while I'm dyeing this week in preparation for my Ravelympic events, I'll be practicing itty bitty singles. I ultimately want my event yarn to be a 3-ply sport wt.....wish me luck! If I fail to achieve this goal, I'm not going to be too upset if I end up with a worsted wt 2 ply, I've just about got that under control.


  1. I've come to the conclusion that my favorite weight to spin is a two-ply worsted. I don't much like knitting with singles--the finished product pills like crazy. Three-ply makes a nice, smooth, round yarn that doesn't pill much, but takes a long time to spin and ply. Two-ply is a happy medium for me; it is less even than three-ply, but takes a lot less time to spin and ply. Worsted is my favorite weight for knitting, and if I do a two-ply, I don't have to spin it too finely.

  2. Oh my gosh! I can't believe all your spinning!!! That's amazing...I'm still working on finishing the same sweater! You are a high functioning fiber artist my friend!