Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I've been a baaaaad girl.

Crummy pic I know but I'm not opening the plastic just for a pretty picture, you'll have to wait until I start working with them to really see them. Here's what ebay can do to you ( or is that for you?) The cone is 3500 yds of black lustersheen ($5.00)...love my lustersheen. Also pictured is four 1650 yd bundles of sport/DK wt alpaca in black, navy, chocolate and camel and two 2200 yd bundles of wool fingering in burgundy and brown. ($100.02 total that is including $30 shipping) I'm thinking I got some deals. I'm also thinking that I've got a lot of yarn to knit up! LOL I'm not even going to mention my already massive stash and my Webs order I got a couple weeks ago. OK, I'll mention the Webs purchase but I'm not going to trudge up stairs just to take another pic of yarn in plastic. :o) From Webs I got 1900 yds of a red wool/cotton destined to be a Pringle/Victoria Secret Sweater/Cable Luxe/Phildar's version for Gillian (the first link is a flickr pic of the original sweater that started all the mimicry the other links are all Ravelry links) and 1200 yds of a red bamboo. I can't remember the cost of the order but I bought it during their Anniversary sale so obviously these too were good deals.

Sorry to say there has been no further progress on the saddle shoulder sweater, it's time for sewing (button band and buttons/snaps) work that is too detail orientated for eyeballs that refuse to focus, perhaps another day. Oh and BTW....I feel sooooo stupid right now and have been feeling stupid for several days (ha funny, I hear some of you, yes I can feel more stupid than usual!!!) Remember my thrill and excitement about this nearly seamless saddle shoulder??? I couldn't remember ever having seen a saddle shoulder that was virtually seamless before. Well DUH!!!! EZ covers the topic rather extensively in not one but several of her books (of which I have) and Barbara Walker does the same in her top down book (a book I have as well) Yes, I can read, yes I can comprehend what I read, apparently I can't absorb it for long term recall. Scheesh. Yes folks the brain has left the cranium. Thank you very much.

So what have I been doing besides collecting the spoils of my ebay battles?? Well jeepers, I started a couple of new things doncha know. I tried to be good and not start something big. I have had a scarf "design" on the brain for a while now so the other night when focus would not come to my traitorous eyeballs I started it. It's working out beautifully, exactly as I expected, but now that I've gotten this far with it I've decide to take the idea a step further and it is now on the needles as a soon to be vest, maybe a sweater. Without going into a huge amount of detail it is a very portable design so it's now my traveling project, don't expect this one to be done soon.

Taking into consideration that I now have a decent traveling project but no real bedtime knitting project on the needles I just had to start something else also. I'm going to be in both KAL's in the Sleeves Off Buttons On Ravlery group. Both KAL's are supposed to begin July 1st I started one of them already (I know I'm cheating) I've started work on GreenDay a scoop neck cabled vest. (non Ravelry link here) The pattern writing is a little iffy, it is a translations from Flemish(?) but we're working through it. Everyone is posting their thoughts and mods on the board. If you're interested in this vest feel free to join or follow along. The other KAL is a cardigan Mr. Greenjeans, (non-Ravelry link here) if I had say today what I'm going to use for Mr. Greenjeans, I'd say I'm going with the navy alpaca I just got but.......I won't be starting that for another week or so, and I'll prob'ly change my mind 10,000 times between then and now. Or maybe a charcoal tweed I have in stash. See? it's all extremely fluid at this point. Who knows, I certainly don't. Oh hey that could be an interesting contest...try to guess what yarn I'll use for something LOLOL

If any of you guys are non-Chicago IL peeps, make sure you check out the Illin'-Knitter group on Rav. I'm trying to get some chatter going and a KAL started. We are still very much in the planning stage all suggestion are more than welcomed. Chicago people are welcome too as well as out of stater's. We're just a group from IL that has nothing to do with Chicago. The Chicago area has plenty of their own groups with LOTS of people this little group is easier for us to find each other out here is the corn and beans, I don't mean to sound exclusive. :o) So far it looks like there are several people who are interested in doing the Swallowtail Shawl (oy more linkage today sigh) ((non-Rav link here scroll down a bit for pdf link)) I'm sure there will be another KAL that isn't lace as well.

OK my linkage for today is done, I'm off to go do something, even if it's not right!

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