Monday, June 30, 2008


Yes, I think that's the best word for it. Gobsmacked. Yesterday I got out my spinning wheel. I've had my wheel for going on what, 5, maybe 6 years now. I played with it for about 3 days back then. I had spun a full bobbin and then life got in the way, and poor old Levi has been sitting patiently awaiting the day I turn my attention to him again. I know most people believe their wheels are feminine, mine is definitely male. All male. Could he be anything but male made out of pvc and a wheel chair?!? I got him at Babe's Fiber Garden. If you're in the market for a spinning wheel and don't want to put out a ton of $$ then you ought consider a Babe. I loved it those first few days and I loved it yesterday. I know, not an extremely informed testimonial but a thumbs up nonetheless.

The first bobbin full was, um, interesting. Dang, am I good at going from a fine thread-like single to a huge I can't believe it's holding together super bulky. LOL The second bobbin was much more consistent. It was even enough to fall into the "it's a keeper" range. I'm guessing it was approximately a fingering wt. still thicker than most people spin but I was going for consistency, getting myself re-acquainted with old Levi. After a couple of hours (I watched One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest as I spun) I had three bobbins full of mostly sad singles. One bobbin from many years back (I know, sitting that long prob'ly set the twist) and two bobbins full with some obvious learning curve issues. I suppose many would have either tossed the whole batch, or hid it in darkest recesses of the stash and deny it's existence. Me? I'm here braggin' about it. I think I've got calling to become a designer yarn spinner! LOLOLOL

The batch on the left is a 3-ply done on the wheel. The batch on the right is Navajo plied. The fact that I ended up with a balanced yarn has me utterly gobsmacked. I think I liked the doing the Navajo ply the best. I did have issues with the bobbin not taking up the plied yarn very well but I worked around it.

My first real yarn, if I can be so bold to call it that, is going to end up as a winter hat of some sort, I'm thinking Stella McCartney-ish from a couple years back.

I took another quick pic for you guys. It's a quickie of the snaps on the front of the saddle shoulder. See? They are nearly invisible even in the bright sun!

Please disregard the still as yet unblocked state of this sweater. No pix of me wearing it I'm saddened to say, and there won't be for at least another week. I'm delivering my camera to Bart this afternoon for his trip to Denver and Aspen. I hope the kid has a marvelous time, but the timing for me is sorta crummy what with two KAL's starting today and me catching spinning fever, plus you do realize I'm going to have dye some roving right now too. Oh well a super montage of pix could be fun, no babbling, just pix. :o)

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  1. all this time...a spinning wheel stashed! hahaha....well...thanks for the tip on the $$ saving wheel...I still can't afford one..although I did just buy a ridiculously expensive vacuum cleaner...(but that's mostly for my husband :P

    P.S. can you believe..I've found my camera...but the batteries are dead!