Saturday, May 31, 2008

Eternal Struggle

As most of you know, or at least can glean by my lack of project monogamy, that I've got a problem with ADD. Hand in hand with ADD I have a tendency to get obsessed with things as well. So has been the state of affairs here at the Hermitage regarding fruit socks, those dang silly fruit socks. I have GOT to move on. I had gotten myself into a tizzy about the yardage of the dang things and I've just gotta let it go. It actually had me stymied clear through this morning as I sat down to write this post. Trying to explain the problem I found the solution. Believe me it's not a thrilling tale and there's no need to go into it here, suffice to say, after making enough fruit socks to clothe an entire bushel of naked apples my numbers were confirmed time and time again. Even sweet Monika made a few fruit socks and she too confirmed the numbers. I was just playing with the numbers wrong all along......sigh Oh well I have plenty of fruit socks to give away now! :o)

I assume the pix below will be the last of the fruit socks, but they are kinda fun to make. ;-)

The blue one is made with two strands of Regia Bamboo held together and the pink is the Tofutsies again with a k2p2 rib swirl. I'll add this variation to the pdf.

Now on to other things.

edit to add Ravelry download pdf


  1. LOL. My post is about my struggles with math as well. Why do I keep thinking "banana hammock" when I read "fruit sock"?! ;p

  2. hahaha LOL, Tracy, you are officially invited to knit night :D I live in you think you can make it tomorrow night :-)
    If not...definitely the next one.

  3. Hi Tracy! I hope you are doing well!

    I've tagged you over at my blog...stop by if you feel like playing along :-)