Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A Summer Hat

Alrighty then, the quest for a summer hat is somewhat satisfied.


Yes, somewhat, cuz I've got a hat now that I can make do with. It's still not my ideal, but it will work.


Yes, somewhat, cuz I still want to try some other brim shapes.


Yes, somewhat, cuz I've stumbled upon something that I really want try with some other hats. Specifically with the brims of other hats.

Here's what I've got.

I know, it's nothing special, basically your typical bucket style but it does have a little something special to it. The brim. It's firm, but pliable. It is not floppy, and it does not have any wires in it (which are nothing but annoying not to mention a PITA) nor is it knitted with finger aching stiffness. I have very few doubts that I could even double or triple the width of the brim (think iconic picture hat of the 50's) I'll give it a try soon.

So how did I achieve this wonder of the millinery arts? (snicker) I stiffened the brim merely with rounds of stitches on my sewing machine. Doh! Like you see on every commercially made hat. :o) Easy peasy.

I urge any of you if you're looking for a summer hat, just get out your tried and true bucket hat pattern or even your fav stocking hat, work it in cotton, add or lengthen a brim and then just take it to your sewing machine and run it through.

The "pattern" I used here is the result of my mods to the Stick a Lure In It hat I made not too long ago. Oh btw, I stitched the brim of that hat today also and I'm waaaaay more pleased with it. I had lamented about the bulk of the double thickness of the brim, it works now. :o)

I know, you can't really see the change, but the feel and drape (??? can you use the word "drape" when referring to the behavior of a brim?) makes all the difference in the world.

Project specs of the sun hat.
2 balls of Sugar and Cream 100% cotton (really only used about 1.5 balls) held together with 2 strands of size 10 crochet cotton (Coats and Clark I think) Total yardage in length, not considering multiple strands approximately 300 yards (I'm guessing)
#5 needle
Gauge: 4 sts = 1 inch

Short and Pithy EZ directions with some numbers for my tiny noggin.

Using a provisional cast on, cast on 72 sts. (or a multiple of 8)
Knit one round then begin increase rnds.
Increase round K2, YO, *k9,YO* rep. around end with k7
Next rnd knit even (knit the YO's in the back)
Next increase round k3, YO *k10, YO* rep around end with k7
Knit next around
Next increase round k4, YO, *k11, YO* rep around end with k7
Knit next round
---notice the pattern being established, in the increase round the initial number of stitches before the repeat increases by one and you always end with K7. The number of knit stitches in the repeat is equal to beginning and ending stitch counts. An increase round is always followed by a plain knit round.------
Stop increases after k7, YO, *k14, YO*, end with k7
Knit next round.
Next rnd: *k2tog, YO*------this makes the picot turn if picot is not desired, purl this row.
Next rnd: knit
Begin decrease rnds. Work the decreases using the same pattern established for the increase rounds but in reverse order and working a k2tog instead of YO.
First decrease round would be, k6, k2tog, *k13, k2tog* end with k7
Next round knit
Once there is only 72 sts remaining (or whatever your cast on number was) work one more knit round. Fold the brim, put the stitches from the provisional cast on, on a second needle and knit a round with stitches from both needles. Brim is complete. Knit rounds of desired depth of hat. (I worked 18 rounds about 3.75 inches)
Next work 4 purl rounds. (this makes the rolled edge at the flat top crown, next time I'll only do 3 rounds though)
Flat top crown decrease pattern is typical spiral decrease. A decrease round followed by a plain round beginning with *k7, k2tog*
Next rnd knit.
*k6, k2tog*
*k5, k2tog*
Continue decreasing in this manner until 8 stitches remain, cut yarn and draw through stitches.
Finishing, turn hat inside out and whip stitch the purl bumps that boarder the 4 rows of visible knit stitches together. (creating the roll edge at the crown on the outside)
Now take the hat to the sewing machine place sewing foot along the base of the picots and stitch. Continue to spiral around the brim using the edge of the foot and previously made stitches as your guide for the depth of the brim.

I also ran a spiral of stitches on the flat top crown. (this is optional)

If the hand stitched whip stitches are a problem for you, you could work the roll edge right after the purl rows by picking up the purl bump on the inside of the hat and knitting them together with the working stitches as you continue in the hat pattern but believe me when I tell you, it's not an easy thing to do when you are working with unyielding cotton! Horrendously slow going and finger fatiguing! But to each his own.

Earlier in this post I mentioned a large brimmed picture hat. It's been zipping around in my brain ever since I typed those words. I'm thinking a hat like that might be something that I should make to go with one of the new dresses. Dang that vow of not choosing fabric until those 5 projects are complete. I have in my minds eye a couple fabrics up there (I'm being true to the vow and not physically looking i promise) One has a dark green in it and another has a navy in it. I do have some cottons in both dark green and navy, I wonder which one would match....or maybe in white with lovely ribbon. hmmmmmm

Oh speaking of the 5 projects. The scribble is done except for a weaving together seam. I had a boo boo in one of the sleeves so I had to cut out the offense and now have to weave the two pieces back together. Ick, maybe tomorrow.

edit to change gauge


  1. Clever girl!!!
    Love the brim.

  2. Your new summer hat looks good to me. Your gauge is 4 sts = 2inches? Wow. You should definitely make a hat to go with your dress(es), that would look soooo cool!

  3. I just finished my hat using your instructions, and IT IS PERFECT!!! I was told yesterday that I need to be wearing a hat when in the sun, due to some nasty little basel cells that were discovered, so now I have found a hat I actually like wearing.  Thanks again for sharing.  Cleocatra64

  4. I know this pattern has been around for years and I really am enjoying knitting it. But I believe it is based on a multiple of 9 not 8. Since I was making it larger , I cast on 88st but came up 2 short. A multiple of 9 works with the pattern and I think it will with the hat top decreases. Just thought I would share that-enjoying the pattern. Thank you, Shirley