Monday, April 28, 2008


That about sums it up.

It is April 29th and it's been blizzard like almost all day. Great big fluffy clumps sometimes and itty bitty ice balls at other times. It's snowing hard. If the ground was frozen we'd be in BIG trouble.

And to think that I'm just getting pass the sunburn the I got a few days ago.


Photos are near impossible cuz the thermometer reads 39 every flake instantly melts, but I tried.

This is the best I could do and I was very wet when I returned to the house, so was the camera I was little worried about that. When I and the camera dry out, I'll consider going back out and taking a video. Please ignore the snags and holes on my sleeve. Yes, I'm a knitter and pretty good at repairs, but this is my comfort sweater. It carries the same mojo, and mystical powers as, say, a sport fanatic's lucky shirt/hat/socks. You don't mess with that kind of magic.

On the knitting front, the Lacy Yoke Top (Drops 95-9) is almost done. It will prob'ly be done later today. I'm loving it.


  1. Blizzard?? And here I was grumbling that Minneapolis was getting snow, but we hardly have a blizzard.

    Still, though, I have to agree with you. April 28 is pushing it a bit for this part of the country. Keep warm and dry and think springlike thoughts. :)

  2. Very Pretty, Tracy. Miss you!

  3. Very pretty, Tracy. Looked up the pattern on Drops and might just have to do it too!
    Miss you!
    Terri in TX