Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hats and Scarves

Yes, I am still making hats and scarves requested by the kids.

Yes, I am bored out of my mind and sick of them.

I followed the crowd on Tuesday and made the My So Called Scarf. It was nice cuz I only had the one skein of Manos del Uruguay and it was an interesting stitch pattern, at least for a little while....sigh

Yesterday I decided to tried to throw in a little bit of fun. To add at least a tiny bit of amusement to knitting a scarf I made this one.

I made this one up as I went along sorta. I started out casting out 280 st. working Moss St for 5 rows then a row of cross stitch (crosses made in alternating directions) keeping the first and last 5 stitches in Moss St. Six rows of garter stitch, determined merely by weighing my ball of yarn and working it until the halfway point. Another row of alternating crosses followed with an equal number of Moss St to finish it.

It was OK for awhile but it too got boring. Although I gotta admit, towards the end the excitement peaked again. This is how much yarn I had left.

I must have a particularly large grudge against scarfs. The only reason I can think of to explain this aversion to making them and the incredibly short wick on the burnout meter, is no matter how much effort, fancy stitches, and glorious fibers, in the end you still just have a long skinny rectangle. Even something like the Stacked Diamonds, (aka Edgar) or the Snake Trumpets (aka Kureopatora's Snake) are in essence long skinny rectangles....just rectangles that fudge their boundaries.....sigh

I think the next scarf will be this one, maybe the skinny rectangle-ness will get lost in the flounce. One can hope can't she?

As for hats. Eh. I don't usually wear hats cuz I have such a pea-size head. I buy my ball caps in the children's section. I can wear a baby bonnet easily. I'm not kidding. It's a huge mystery to me how all my brains fit into such a tiny space, some of my marbles must be missing.

Recent activity could prob'ly be construed as an indication of a certain lack of ones marbles, I suppose ..... :o)

Where was I? Oh yeah, hats, aside from just more renditions of beanie's with and without brims, I jumped on the bandwagon and worked up a Just Like a Peasant Cap. The first one I made turned out ok. I'm not thrilled and felt the fabric itself was a tad bit too thick so I modified it a bit. You really didn't think that I'd let it go untouched did you?

I worked the main part of the hat in Stockinette St (obviously) using a BW mosaic pattern I think the name of it is "Maze". Instead of falling into that frightening abyss of 3 feet of k1p1 ribbing that is the tying band on this hat I cheated, saved a few hours and made a simple single crochet band 3 feet long. 30 min for yet another skinny rectangle, sure beats a couple hours, any old day! And even after all that it still is like every other hat, it looks ridiculous on me. Perhaps it will look good on Gillian. She can wear hats well and she'll be home soon. (Yippee Skippee Silly will be home soon!!!!)

I suppose it's cuz the knitting lately has been so uninspired I've been dreaming and planning a coat refashion. I'll be working on that tonight and tomorrow. Hopefully it will be done tomorrow cuz Silly is coming home on Saturday and my sewing room is "her bedroom" (wink wink nudge nudge say no more). Picture a black wool, Perry Ellis, circa 1990's, Meg Ryan/Sleepless in Seattle-esque long coat. You know a big shouldered voluminous coat with that tortuous belt slung across the butt that made it feel like you were sitting on someones foot every time you sat down. (It also had matching mini belts at the cuffs. Lovely.)

I've got the sewing all set in my mind, still wavering on what type, if any, additions I'll be making. Of course there is always fur and leather to consider, but I'm pretty sure it's going to end up being a fairly plain utilitarian coat. Something my mother would have called her "grocery store" coat. Ahhhh I can hear Mr. Seam Ripper calling me as we speak.