Monday, December 10, 2007

Zipper Vest

Wow, almost a month has pass and I'm just now getting around to posting a picture of this vest.
It's Drops pattern #0-399.

I must have done something not quiet right at the neckline considering the jog in the moss stitch. Oh well, not a major problem.

I did modify the pattern a little bit. (go figure) The pattern calls for garter stitch around the bottom, on the front placket/neckline, and around the armholes. I used moss stitch instead. I just thought a firmer edge was needed on something worked in such a large gauge, and sme many strands held together. I also crocheted a slip stitch around the front edge and neck for a firm edge to sew the zipper on.

The pattern also called for some shaping/sloping on the upper back. It sounded to me to be a quasi-racerback styling. Didn't do it, just made the upper back "normal".

Oh yeah I also worked it in one piece...I don't do seams when I don't have to.

Reclaimed heather green wool worsted wt. 2 strands held together
One strand each of a no-name mohair/acrylic blend cobweb wt royal blue and hunter green.
Total linear yardage. 324-ish yards.
Gauge: 10sts x 14 rows = 10x10cm (or something like that)
#11 and #13 needles

I like it, which is weird cuz I'm not a vest type person. I'm too dang cold all the time to have my arms hanging out nearly nekked, but I am comfortable in this vest, as long as I have a pair of elbow length gauntlets on. :o) The vest also serves it's purpose well under my coat.

Oh, speaking of coats....just you wait and see what I'm doing to my Grandmother's old red wool coat!!

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