Monday, July 30, 2007

Awww Schucks

Added 8/8/7

OK this REALLY shows how much of an idiot I am......
Monika from Smokin Hot Needles graciously bestowed upon me the Creative Blogger Award eons like back in July!!! I honestly thought I posted this but today noticed that I still had merely as a draft.....I'm such an idiot! Here's the post I wrote but never posted!.....sheesh

Wow, will wonders never cease!!! I
got a Creative Blogger Award!!! Thanks to Monika who nominated me, and to the blog that stared it all.

Like Monka, it took me a while to narrow down the blogs I find worthy of such an award. That didn't go too well....there were STILL waaay more than the 5 that I am allowed to pass the torch to. So I figured I had to come up with something else as a criterion so I chose to nominate blogs that don't get that much traffic, or at least according to bloglines, don't have a mega number of subscribers. I haven't limited my selection to just one type of blog either, meaning that the blog listed may or may not be a knitting, crocheting, sewing, etc. but you can prob'ly guess that it has some kind of fiber/needlework to it! :-)

So without further ado, my nominations.....please troll them at your leisure. BTW, I hope none of these blogger get upset with me, I usually only lurk there myself and most don't know me from Adam! :-)

Claudia: Heal my Life Claudia does know me if she thinks hard about it!

Karren: Entwinements incredible silk dyeing

Red Swirl I don't even know her name!

Claudine: Couture Details I'm in awe of her seamstress-ness wish she'd post more though, she's posts less than I do!!!!!

Knit One, Purl.....Too Again another of whom I don't know her name

So you creative bloggers....go to the blog that originated the Creative Blogger Award, grab a button and nominate your own favorites! There are actually 5 different awards on the original site, make them all Creative Bloggers or choose a different award to pass on!

Saturday, July 21, 2007


Considering Joe was giving me grief for not posting to the blog for nearly a month here goes....

We've been doing a few things around the house lately. Rather, Worker Dudes have been doing some work. I can't show you any pix of new patio, nor the soon to be new sliding glass door cuz I want Gillian to be surprised when she gets home the end of next month. BUT.......I just gotta share this tidbit with ya.

This is the door and window and that are going to be replaced.

Bennie won't be able to sit on the window sill...poor Ben.

From the outside it looks like this:

This morning the door and the window were gone.

But wait! Something is amiss, nay, something is missing!

Worker Dudes are looking.........

And looking........

And looking.......

Oh Phew! There's the insulation!!!!!