Sunday, April 01, 2007

Project Leather Coat Still Draping part 6

Yep, I'm still draping and still changing my mind. At least that's what I've been doing most of today. I think at last count I was 1, 726 times I've changed my mine....add another 1200.....sigh.

Here's a small taste of what I was thinking today.


This is what I have decided on.

There's no going back. No more changing my mind, this baby is nearly done!!! All that's left is to set the straps and pound the eyelets for the lacing in the back. And those two things are the reason it's not done now.....sigh.

I want to set the straps on me, not on Vivian. She's been a awfully good sport, and not bitching at all when I would drape a piece around her for the bazillionth time. But as close as she is to my size she's just a wee bit big through the rib cage. I need another pair of hands so I guess I have to wait until Joe gets home in the morning.

Pounding the eyelets is a whole other story. I have to get up enough nerve to do that. For what ever reason eyelets and I just don't get along. Sometimes I can pound them all day and not have a lick of trouble, other days, well I'd rather run my tongue through the sewing machine. I even considered putting a zipper in the back! That's how much I'm dreading these eyelets. But eyelets it is and eyelets it will have to be, this leather is just too fluid and stretchy for anything as permanent as a zipper. Although, I could always put the zipper in now and when the day comes the top is just too stretched out then I can do the eyelets!! Oy! Everything is done including the top stitching and I'm still thinking of ways to change it!!! Shoot me now.

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