Saturday, April 07, 2007

Leather Coat Project Top and Bag part 7

Finally got this top done after it hung on Vivian for days and days. Remember my fear of the eyelets? I just couldn't bring myself to do them. Even contemplated taking the top to a shoe repair guy and have him do the eyelets. In the end I opted not to do that and made the loops that are now on the back.

I like the top...not a fav top, and well, it just isn't me (at least not "appropriately"'s so hard when you feel 28 and in reality are dang near 48!) so Silly if you're reading and like this top, give me a call it's yours! (Silly is my baby that is soon to be 20...egads)

After the book, wallet, top, and some pieces set aside for another top in progress this is what I have left to work with.

So I made this bag.

I'm really pleased with this bag. I lined it with some fabric I got at the Mouse for 25 cents (that's 2 yards for 25 cents! Love the Mouse) There is an interior pocket and I like the versatility of the strap. The strap btw is rattail, a few row of crochet (slip stitch) then roll back on to itself. I personally hate drawstring bags generally, but I modified this. You can sort of see in the first pic how the back side along the opening is straight and not gathered. I put a piece of wood dowel in there. Now I can easily get into the bag for a quick grab and don't have to hassle with the whole drawstring thing. When and if I do need to open the bag wide like in the 2nd pic, then that dowel in there is a nice place to hold on to when manipulating the drawstring. (no digging you fingers into the tiny hole) :-) I also think it gives the bag a bit more shape than just a drawstring bag.

I've got another bag done too but the batteries on my camera died before I could get a picture.....sigh


  1. Hi Tracy, it is amazing what you did with your leather coat! The top is fantastic and so is the bag! Just wonderful!!!! Doesn't your daughter want to wear this top? I liked ALL your creations you made from this coat. Did you sew it with a sewing machine and was ist hard? You have great imagination and you are very talented!

  2. I also joined Wardrobe Refashion and clicked over from there to see more photos of your project. It is really incredible! I love the pieces you are making. I have never worked with leather, so I am especially impressed. I cannot wait to see what else you come up with. Excellent work!

  3. Hi Monika! Thanx for the very kind compliments. Some of the sewing is by hand and some (most) was done on a machine. I'm afraid I'm running our of ideas though. After the next 3 things are done I'll still have a fair amount of yardage and I'm stumped as to what to do with it. Hopefully I'll figure something out soon!

  4. Pupule don't be shy go ahead and give some leather a try. I've never done it before either and so far so good. It's prob'ly beginners luck or something! LOL

  5. I can't believe what you have been creating with leather. Amazing!

    I love the top, and the bag is so cute and your modifications to a drawstring bag are so practical, too.

  6. What a brilliant idea. I had never thought of using a 2nd hand leather coat to make a bag. I'll be keeping a look out at my local op shop for leather now.