Thursday, March 22, 2007

Leather Coat part 2 Contemplating

As I mentioned yesterday. This coat has some detailing that needs to be considered before I can settle on what's next. Here are some close up pix of those details.

Here is a close up of the upper back.
Lower back and side.
Front yoke and lower front.
Now I have to decide just how, if at all, I want to incorporate these gentle curves into the next creation and beyond. I'm pretty sure I'll be making a bag, cuz well, vests aren't me, and I have plenty of leather skirts.......technically how many leather skirts should one girl have??? Me?..... I have waaaay too many and rarely wear them. I just can't seem to pass them up when I see them at the Thrift Store. :-)
I removed the leather collar today and I'm making a small wallet/credit card holder thingy out of those pieces. I'll post step by step photos when it's done.
I'm kind of stumped right now regarding the bag. Aside from the aforementioned curves, I have to judiciously cut the pieces for the bag to ensure enough leather yardage for the NEXT thing that this coat will spawn.
Hmm...a halter maybe? Wonder if this leather is up to the task of reining in these mid-aged boobs! Wonder if these mid-aged boobs have any business in a leather halter!!! LOL

I'm also considering a ballcap. Just don't know where to go with this just yet.

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  1. Wow, what you are doing with the leather coat is the COOLEST thing!!! I just love the book and all your ideas. What a great use of an estate-sale find!