Sunday, November 12, 2006

Prototype MD Sock

The other day I posted that I was thinking about giving a MD sock a try. I didn't get around to doing it that day, but last night I started one and just finished it. Bear in mind, this is just another experiment so I only took the vaguest notions regarding sizing. I was after the process. I'm THRILLED!!

I worked this top down, which isn't my favorite method. I'm not thrilled with the heel and toe, but I wasn't concerned about them. Tomorrow's sock, if I don't get side tracked, is a toe up version. Then I suppose some other sock types i.e two needle socks. I'm thinking working the design down into a heel flap would be kind of nifty and down (up?) the foot. I need to see which direction the squares face looks best. Ooooh the possibilities!!

The thing that has me swinging from the chandelier is that I used nobody else's technique!!!! That's right MD fanatics, I "uninvented" my own method. Yep, I UNINVENTED it. I, for one, am NOT even going to think that what I created is unique and has never been done before.

Differences between this method and the other that can be found in a book......

It is sooooo much easier!! Don't know about you guys, but to start one of those squares with the other method always irked me. It was so fiddly with all the markers, and not easy to remember. At the start of each square I'd have to get out my notes and markers again. Frustrating for me, breaks up the rhythm and crashes the zone. :-) Once I got going I could work the square without the markers, although I usually used the center one just cuz I'd rather not have to watch for the center stitch.

With this "new" method. There aren't any fiddly parts, IMHO. There aren't any markers, and you can build the next square in 8 different directions!! Yep any of the four sides AND off any corner. You can also change the size of the square. For example, say you begin with a square that is 8 inches, the next "square" you make could be a group of 4, 4 inch squares. Yes, oh skeptical ones, you can!!! And all this can be done without picking up stitches, without cutting the yarn, and without markers. I have run into some limitations, but I'm working on them and with all the things I CAN do the few I can't don't bother me much! :-D

Other things that might keep me from the second sock tomorrow, are other shapes. Yes, a triangle can be worked in the same manner.

Oh yeah, and yet another thing that might get in the way of the second sock tomorrow is the monumental task of editing all my designs that used the old MD technique and rewriting them for this method.

Ooops, completely forgot about having to write a tutorial for this new uninvented method! Looks like that second sock is getting pushed down the list of things to do mighty fast!!!

Tomorrow I'll post some pics of close up shots. Think I'll make a few swatches up using better colors. Probably use just two contrasting solids instead of a solid and space dyed just so you can see the fabric itself and it won't look so busy.

Now I've got a question for you guys....anyone know how to put PDF downloads on my sidebar???? I'm thinking a few freebie patterns, and a tutorial.


  1. Oh my god Tracy, you are a genius! From what I can see on the pictures the sock looks great. I would LOVE to give it a try, so forget everything else and get going on the tutorials and such! - And you made me think I'm smart with the ribbing on the back sock. Ha! ;o)

  2. You go girl! And you'd better be sharing that new technique with me!!
    Your best friend,

  3. Wow - I'm so impressed! I've loved the look of the MD stuff for a long time now - but really hate the way that the directions are written, and have only completed the P90 top out of all of a certain designers patterns.

    I find the directions to be way too fiddly and badly written, and unintuitive as to the set ups. Way too much like hard work - can't wait to see your innovations

    I can't wait to see your tutorial!

    Have fun with it!

  4. Hi Abi!
    Writing direction today...I'll be posting them ASAP!! Got row by row AND the "Short and Pithy" ala EZ. :-) I too enjoy the more intuitive type pattern. Sending the first of them out today (hopefully) to a few peeps to make sure there are no boo boos.