Friday, November 10, 2006

Here today...

"Silly", my youngest, was home again for another of her whirlwind weekends (Thursday to Sunday) from Savannah. A bit more hectic this time. The airlines lost her bag, which contained all of her clothes, shoes and personal sundry. The dress she was going to wear to a wedding on Saturday and the clothes on her back is all she had!! Thank the powers that be, she carried her dress on the plane. Do I have to explain the devastation a young woman feels when the perfect shoes for that perfect dress and all the appropriate foundations pieces are gone, not to mention the makeup, hair blowers, and the wedding gift?!? Naw...I didn't think so. She had flown half way across the country for the wedding of a very dear friend, planning and anticipating it for more than a year....sigh poor kid. This was the first crisis of the weekend, no wait, the first was Thursday afternoon, the bag didn't get lost until Thursday night. Thursday afternoon Joe found out he had to work all weekend.....urgh, no help from Joe for the brunch of 22 people on Sunday morning, dang.

On Friday Silly and I got up and headed to town to go grocery shopping, pick up a few things for her latest project at school and then planned to be home before 11:00AM so I could begin cooking and setting up tables, and she could do homework....ah yeah, why should those plans work??? I got a call and was asked to pickup one of the grandkids, not a problem, love the kid to pieces...although she was 150 miles away!! So across the state Silly and I went to pick up Snigglefritz. We finally got home Friday night about 9:00PM, no baking done, no tables set up, nothing accomplished on Silly's project, and no bag from the airport!!!! But we did have the groceries (after 3 menu changes because the store was out of things we needed), and 600 more miles on the car since the night before! I was pooped! Then the phone rang...Joe was going to need a ride home from work in the morning his brakes went out and he had just barely missed hitting a big buck standing in the road.....sigh

Saturday morning bright..nope still dark.... and early, picked up Joe from work. He went to bed, Silly got the run around from the airlines, again, Snigglefritz played, and I started setting up tables. The again promised bag did not arrive by noon, so into town to shop we went. Actually did find some acceptable replacement for those perfect shoes, and foundation pieces, but of course they just were merely substitutes. Left Silly in town to get ready for the wedding and stay the night with friends. Snigglefritz and I came back home just in time to give Joe my car to go to work. Another 150 miles on the car, more groceries (just in case and to cover the possible 4th menu change) and my bank account much much lighter! After Snigglefritz went to bed I baked, cooked, chopped, diced, arranged furniture, got dishes, bowls, glasses out of storage, and washed them, set up tables, counted and recounted placesettings, and crawled into bed somewhere around midnight.

Sunday, up around 8:00 and threw the last bits of the meal yet to be baked into the ovens. LOVE my double ovens!!!!! Sat down, put my feet up, waited for the ovens to ding, guest to arrive, and started a sock.

Behold. Here today, gone tomorrow.

Take a quick look, they won't be around long.....Silly wants them. Same pattern as the brown striped ones from previous post but these are worked in a tweedy olive green DK weight. Have no clue what the yarn is, got it out of a clearance bin from a LYS in Savannah about a year ball band. It's a wool blend of some sort. Did the burn test so long ago I don't remember anything other than it is wool and has something else, acrylic? Nylon? Scheesh, being DK weight I should be done by now, but the past few days have been beautiful and I've been taking it easy. Kinda tired lately! ;-) Cold and icky today, sunny and 78 degrees last few days, guess we've had our Indian Summer.

Oh yeah, in case your wonderin'.....the airport called Monday, they had her bag, should they send it to me or back to Savannah??? Yesterday bought the plane ticket for Silly to come home at X-mas....used a different airline this time. I know it doesn't matter, they all loose bags, the airlines she will fly this time is the same that lost my bags in June when Joe and I went to Savannah!

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