Friday, October 20, 2006


It's nearly the third week of "Socktober" and I'd say 4 socks is a respectable number.

Problem is I didn't make, to be more precise, I didn't make them this month. The problem is, IdaMae doesn't quiet understand the whole Socktober thing..........

Here are socks 1,2,and 3.

Where is sock number 4 you ask...

Not enough left to photograph.......sigh


  1. Excuse me if I laugh out loud! I'm sorry but this is funny. ;o)

  2. Oh sure Monika laugh at my expense!!! ;-) LOL

  3. Oh my gosh! Handknit socks? And the dog has decided they're Scooby Snacks?

    Oh.My.Gosh It's bad enough to just lose handknit socks, but to have them wantonly destroyed like that?


    I so feel for you.

  4. Yeppers, and did ya notice it's 4 DIFFERENT pairs that are now gone!! Guess IdaMae just has good taste. LOL

  5. Hi Tracy, this is Stacey! Yes, I have been to Knit 4 Together in Dunlap, and I love that shop! And in Davenport, there is THe Yarn Shoppe. Where are you from?

  6. Crikey- didn't notice it until -saaay third time I looked! Just read on Knitty's Forum about someone who lost their precious Bosworth spindle to a dog....and now this! Guess leftover yarn won't help at all *LOL*

  7. Nope leftovers won't do! Although, I'll prob'ly salvage as much yarn as I can, so I guess you could call them "leftovers"...from IdaMae's snack that is!! LOL