Friday, October 06, 2006

Portuguese Knitting

Hmmmm verrry interesting. Gonna have to give this video some study. I have read about this type of knitting in the history books, and the fact that hooks rather than needles were used. Never knew that anyone still worked in this manner!!

If this video is truly embedded like I'm hoping it is as I write this post, be warned that there may be many more to come!! Gotta LOVE Youtube!!


  1. well I am really interested in that cute pink and black skirt you crocheted with the triangles in the designs. I am doing something like that in FF right now. I have yet to decide on the yarn for the triangles. They wont be FF.

  2. LOVE that one. And you KNOW I'm sittin here trying to figure it out too!
    Love the blog. Great to see all the pix. So who actually wears that bikini? HMMMM?????

  3. Sounds Great Marjie...make sure you post a pic of the skirt on the group when you're done!!