Wednesday, October 04, 2006

More Pix

Hmmmm don't really feel very wordy today, I'll just throw the pix up and just maybe I'll comment about them....or maybe not.

More purses:

Front and back of Freeform clutch.

Front and back of FF handbag.

Side and end view of felted crochet bag. Funky shape was caused by the uneven felting of the different stitches used.

Skirts and dresses:

All mine.

LOVE this dress!! I've worn it for about 6 years now!!! Not my design...vintage McCall's maybe?

Mine, with a scribble lace shawl ala Debbie New (my hero!)

Just another dress nothing special. (mine)


Pattern from Knitty. I think "W" is the name. Fun knit, worked side to side, I'll have to do this again. I did change it a bit...I never understand why people make designs with seams when there is no reason to. I did this in one piece instead of two with a provisional cast on so I could do a two needle bind off (ala Debbie New, told you she was my hero) and avoided all seams.....I can't stand seams!!!! Prob'ly cuz I can't do them well!!!

All mine. My first attempt with a crossed stitch. Of course there is only one seam. :-)

Worked this in crochet using the knitting diagram from one of the first issues of, umm, "Knit 1." maybe. It was the cover sweater done in red if I remember correctly.

The closest thing I'll ever get to a poncho!! This was my second knitted item, I must have been crazy to work all that stockinette!!!! But of course those who know me DO in fact think I'm first knitted item was a pair of socks on 4 dpn's!!!! Egads!!!!

This wrap was made with the koolaid/crockpot dye job.....did I mention that before?? Here's a pic of the newly dyed yarn. It's 400 yards of Knit Picks dye your own merino. I wound it into a single center pull ball and then threw it in the crock pot with just enough water to cover and 10 pkgs of grape koolaid.

In the pot!

Check this out...isn't it great!!! Look closely (if you can) there are about 1000 colors in this hank. There are even portions that are marled!!! Don't know how or why it did that cuz the fiber was 100% merino, but who cares, it's nifty!

OH!!! Speaking of NIFTY....what is that on the shoulder of that wrap????? Oh Yeah, it's a FABULOUS shawl pin made by a VERY talented glass artist........

My son Bart!!!

Yeah I know the pic sucks....I promise to get some decent photos of some of his pieces ASAP.

Thoroughly bored??? I am.

Many thanx to our wonderful model, Vivian. Yes, my dressform has a name, both of them do. Vivian as seen here and Selma who is really PO'd right now. I totally have the Tom Hanks/Wilson thing going on.