Tuesday, January 20, 2015

We Won!

Yes, thanks to you, my fibery friends and family, I DID win the Vogue Knitting / Fiber Factor design competition.  I am honored and deeply, deeply touched by all your support and obviously all your votes.  ;)  The competition was stiff, as you all well know, having seen the other designs my fellow Fiber Factor Finalists submitted. I am forever grateful to Vogue Knitting and The Fiber Factor for this never once dreamed of, nor even considered, opportunity of having a design of mine published in Vogue Knitting.  I'm still rather gobsmacked, and overwhelmed, and tongue-tied as my feeble fumbling around here blantantly depicts. ;)

And I am exhausted.  It's been a VERY hectic weekend.  I was not able to be in NYC this weekend there were even bigger things happening here at home.  What on Earth could be bigger than competing in a Vogue Knitting contest and having your garment walk the runway at VKLive NYC you might ask?  It all boils down to priorities, and regardless of what is going on in the outside world, family will always come first.  This weekend Gillian flew in for her Midwest bridal shower. It'd be a just a tad bit weird, awkward, and absolutely wrong, if the mother of the bride left for NYC the same day the bride to be arrived from LA.  Don't you agree?  Having Gillian home for a few days was heaven, and the shower was FUN FUN FUN in a most (in)appropriate and fitting Grawey Family irreverent way.  I'll go into detail with some pictures in a day or two (or three) suffice to say we had our own runway and the Grawey family knows how to strut their stuff.

I'm looking at my desk calendar, and I just can't wrap my head around all the things which need to be done, all the looming deadlines, and all the STUFF I've got going on. And to think only two years ago on February 6th I thought it would be fun to send in an application for a brand new thing called The Fiber Factor.  I still can't believe little old me from my hermitage in the middle no where has been so fortunate, having so many opportunities and doors flung widely open. WOW

The Official Rules and Application for Season 2 of The Fiber Factor are now available.  I haven't read them myself yet, but I'm looking forward to it.  Maaaaaayyyybbbeeee there might be some critiquing of my own going on when the new season gets up and running. ;)

Talk to you soon my wonderful fibery people!!!!