Saturday, September 16, 2006

In the beginning

Greetings to all who may drop in. I have created this blog merely as a place to keep a record of comments, thoughts, and pictures, of some of my fiber "experiments". I have not intended for this blog to have any sort of "readership", but if you are here welcome. Be forewarned though that I'm NOT an organized person, and I am NOT computer savvy. Case in point, I can't even figure out how to start a new paragraph yet!! Perhaps I'll figure it out someday, perhaps not. I really don't care much about that today, maybe I will tomorrow, maybe next week, maybe next month, all I do know right now is that the wind isn't blowing in that direction. I have no plan as yet (if I ever will) as to what, when, or why I'll post what I do. Even if I did have some grand idea about creating one of those really nifty easily navigated blogs that I enjoy reading myself I wouldn't know how to do it......So let the posting begin, be they jumbled as they are.