Monday, July 13, 2015

That Thing I Did That One Time

Let's begin with the premise that we as humans are the sum and total of our experiences.  Each and everyday and each and every thing, we experience molds and shapes us into the people we become. That learning, molding, and shaping, does not cease when we reach a certain age, it is a continual growth which carries on throughout our entire life with each person we meet, each book we read, and quite frankly every experience we endure.

I have done many, many things in my life, but none compare to That Thing I Did That One Time.  That Thing of which I speak was the proverbial once-in-a-lifetime-experience.  It was an experience I shared with a very limited number of people while a far greater number of people watched and judged. That Thing I Did That One Time had a name, they called it The Fiber Factor.

Many of you reading this are probably somewhat familiar with The Fiber Factor. Perhaps you were one of those faithful followers who counted the days until the next progress video was uploaded, or one of the many who would binge watch the videos over the weekend, or maybe you have never even heard of The Fiber Factor and you just stumbled across this blog because you wanted to read the post about President Obama holding my knitting or how to dye wool with jello. Regardless of why you are here I hope you will continue to stop by.  Over the course of the next several weeks I will be posting a series of blog posts which are a retrospective of my Fiber Factor experiences, an insider's view of sorts of what was, and always will be, a truly unique experience.  I will also be posting a series of interviews with my follow Fiber Factor Alumni.  A bunch of really cool people, some of who I know quite well and have relationships with to this very day, and some I myself don't know very well but for whom I have enormous respect and admiration. Seriously dude, anyone who could and did survived That Thing We Did That One Time has earned and deserves every ounce of respect the universe can muster!

Yes, I can hear you asking 'But why now? Why are you now talking about a thing that was over, done, and kaput in January of 2013?'  To answer your query quite bluntly and succinctly, cuz I can, I want to, and July 18th is fast approaching!

Because I can, as in I am able to at this point. It is no longer an emotional thing for me. Throughout the contest the tsunami of emotions was exhausting, not to mention the physical exhaustion which was also ever present.  I've often characterized The Fiber Factor as the most grueling bit of fun I've ever had.  For all the bumps, and bruises sustained by participating in The Fiber Factor the over riding emotion which by far trumps all else is gratitude.  I wouldn't be who I am or where I am without having done That Thing I Did That One Time.

Because I want to, as in I find insider retrospectives quite interesting. I, as most people who work, dabble, or play in the creative realm are often asked, questions like, 'how do you come up with these designs/ideas?' or 'where do you get your inspiration?' or "how the hell does your brain work?!?' Hopefully this series of blog posts will answer some of these questions.  btw spoiler alert: Sorry, I'm not quiet sure how my brain works either.  ;)

And finally because July 18th is fast approaching and that is the day our shared design rights begin and my fellow Fiber Factor Alumni will be releasing some of the designs they submitted during the competition.  And this my friends is reason enough to write this blog series.

I hope you will enjoy the posts to come about the what and whys I did what I did, but most especially I hope you will enjoy seeing what my fellow contestants have been doing and throw a little love their way.  They have some wonderful designs out there people, give them a shout out!

Next up: Hey This Sounds like Fun!