Thursday, February 11, 2010


Well now, let's see if I remember how to do this.

I almost feel like I'm beginning to be me again. I gotta tell ya, it hasn't been easy. Worry and stress can really do a number on you and it ain't easy to get back into your "normal" life after it's been topsy turvy for so long. Annie it seems, is firmly on her way to healing. She still has the nurses coming to the house twice a day but only twice this week and next week only once a week. (Annie is now changing her dressing twice a day herself) She still sees the surgeon every two weeks. I'm thinking just another 4 weeks or so and she'll be almost completely healed. I still can't believe how long its been and so very very proud of how well Annie has handled it.

I haven't been out of the Hermitage for, um, a week? week and a half? two weeks? I don't remember. That's a good thing, I'm getting me back, you know, the me that never knows what the date is let alone what day of the week it is. That's a really really good feeling. OTOH it also means I haven't seen Liam for that long as well. :o( That's a bad thing. Annie's been really good about sending pix and flix to my phone almost daily. Unfortunately I don't know how to get those from my phone to my computer but Annie did email the latest flix yesterday. so here it is in all the cell phone video glory such as that is.

Even the poor quality can't mask his adorableness. Am I lyin'? And yes, he is always that happy. :o)

I have been knitting and spinning lately just haven't been taking pix of it so there's no real reason to talk about that now, we'll talk again when I get the pix taken and couple of more things off the needle. Oooo I should mention my plans for the Knitting Olympics and the Ravelympics. I've bit off a huge chunk this year too. I'm pushing myself to do two, yes two, colorwork items, the Faroese Footlets and Drops 116-53, cuz I've never attempted anything like these before, plus I've entered the Flying Camel event and have 438 grams (15.44 oz) of various blues to spin.

Some of the spinning will be done on this.

I call her Ethel.

Yeah I know, not the most portable spinning wheel, and I imagine some, if not all, of you are wondering why. I could say cuz I wanted to see if I could and that would be about 85% true. The other 15% was cuz I did something really really dumb. The last time I used my "real" wheel, (Levi my Babe) I left the drive band in the working position so yesterday when I got it out again the drive band was stretched beyond use. duh. damn. I have recently been spinning with a table top spinner I had made but was itching for some speed. Without a drive band I was kinda out of luck so I set my sights on converting this treadle sewing machine base into a spinning wheel. Tomorrow I'll get a new drive band for Levi (fingers crossed), and tweak Ethel a bit more, after all, I can't spin 438grams of fiber on a table top spinner in 17 days and knit two pairs of colorwork socks/slippers.

Huh, I kinda feel like myself again, setting impossible goals and doing really weird things. What day is today?