Thursday, January 22, 2009

Year of Natural Fibers

Did you know today is the start of the International Year of Natural Fiber?

Ahhhhh natural fibers.

Catching up cuz I've been gone sooooo long. Even though my last post was just after Christmas and was only a snark post aimed at Joe, you'd think I'd have lots to tell you. You'd be wrong. Not a lot of blog worthy things have been happening (The Inauguration not withstanding of course. WOW. I'm so proud of us now) and when there were blog worthy happenings I was without camera. Honestly, how boring is it to read a post that is long list of FO's with no pictures? Super boring. So for the sake of reader boredom there will not be a recap of all X-mas knitting. It's a shame cuz there as a lot of it. And then what happens so often after marathon knitting episodes, the mojo disappeared. (I hadn't knitted a stitch from X-mas til a couple days ago, and even then I wasn't feeling the love......sigh)

I suppose I could have posted something about all the storms we endured, but many of you did as well so why bother posting pix of snow drifts 5+ feet high when you could see the same thing or worse, out your own front door? I could have told you about a couple of power outages we had and how we coped snuggled in our bedroom, (it was 38 degrees in my kitchen) or told you about the two crashed laptops but either of those stories would have to had endured a lot of editing for content and/or language. ;0)

I could have told you a charming little story about teaching my 7 year old granddaughter how to knit last week but without pix it just wasn't the same. What the hell was I thinking not taking my camera with me that day?!? She even called me to remind me to bring "stuff" so she could learn. She did a marvelous job. Such an adorable child as all g-kids are, she said the cutest thing.....she kept calling her knitting needles "wands". Ya know, I think she gets it already, knitting needles are magic wands.

Hailie wasn't the only person I taught to knit recently. While Gillian and her beau Nick were home Nov/Dec I taught Nick how to knit. So how's it going Nick? Is that scarf done yet?????

I promised myself I'd post today. I didn't realize the International Year of Natural Fiber was beginning today so my planned posted is taking a backseat. Later today or maybe tomorrow I'll have pix of what has been keeping my hands busy. I've been making leather bound journals. Similar to the one I made before during my Leather Coat Project. I've made 6 books this time. Three are bound with a fourth one maybe completed today, we'll see how the day goes.