Thursday, November 06, 2008

Oompa Loompa

Soon our local theater will be putting on a production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Someone involved with the production decided the Oompa Loompas needed these wigs. (Rav link here. non-Rav link here.) I'm not sure how many degrees of separation there is but I was tagged with making one. Not a bad thing, I have always been interested in the pattern, I just never knew exactly what I'd do with the thing after I was done making it. So yeah, sure I made one.

Ta da!

Then I couldn't help myself, and felt the need for a photo shoot, a High School Yearbook like photo shoot. Whadduya think?

Oh no, that is soooooo wrong!!!!

But ya know what? I've got a secret.

I'm not the only crazy one around here.