Sunday, December 02, 2007

Yarn Harlot - ness

The Yarn Harlot ain't got nothing on me.

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLLOLOLOL...........hold on a sec, I've gotta catch my breath over that knee slapper...............sheesh, I try to lay some goods ones on ya sometimes don't I?

For those of you un-enlightened, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee is the Harlot's real name. She is without a doubt a Knitting Rock Star. She writes . She knits, and then knits some more. She spins too. She can spearhead a donation drive for such worthy causes as Doctors Without Borders that surpasses all imagined goals. (Over $434,439.00 people!!!! I'm tellin ya the Woman is awesome!) She can whip the knitting community into a frenzy by merely dropping a short, she's a Goddess.

Aside from her incredible knitting skills, her impeccable taste in projects, and her deity status, her blog is a damn good read and makes me smile. Oh hell's fire she makes me laugh out loud most days. One of the many things she does that always gives me the giggles are her sock pictures. She travels with her sock and takes pictures. Her sock pix have tickled me to no end. (I tickle easily apparently)

Are you all now scratching your heads and wondering why the hell I'm blabbering on and on about the Yarn Harlot? I never blabber on about anyone, not even my kids (at least not much). I'm not the hero worship type. What gives with the Harlot accolades is what you're all thinking right? Well, something has been weighing on my mind for a while now and Harlot Mimicry is the only thing I can come up with as an excuse for my behavior.

A couple of weeks ago, I did something that I'm sure, now that I think about it, could have swiftly and without question landed me in the custody of the Secret Service and charged with some pretty serious federal offenses.

Here's the photographic evidence that exists.

BTW the really good pix were all taken by my brother....the others?...yeah those would be my photos. :-/

The stage is set. Note the placement of the stool, the guard ropes, and the picnic table. We were seated on the picnic table.

The venue begins to fill. .

Yep that is Joe and I sitting there....
of course you silly rabbit I'm knitting......

Huh, we (the Harlot and I) both have hair issues it seems.

He arrives.

Getting closer.....


And what does your typical Harlot inspired knitter do when the next President of the United States of America speaks to her? Well, DUH!...she asks him to hold her knitting and take a picture.

Think about that a second.

I'll give you a close up of the actual encounter.

I'm talking to and touching a man who one day, could be, the most powerful man in the world and all I can say is, "Will you hold my knitting?" Oh that is wrong on so many levels I don't even want to consider them all. But it is kinda funny, so funny/strange/demented I guess, that he laughed and said, "Sure. Should I hold it like this?" took my knitting, reverently held it and smiled that incredible smile of his.

BTW my camera did this

The moment I realize my camera/skills screwed it all up.

How about another close up?
Wanna see real human anguish?

As he handed my knitting back to me (still laughing) he said we'd get some pictures after his speech.

I think I made his day.

There were no after the event shots of Obama and my knitting taken. It seems the Secret Service guys/gals stepped up their protection as they ushered him out after the speech, and as far away from my side of the stage as possible.

There's eight of them surrounding him in this shot. Do you see any of these folks in the arrival picture? See the woman half turned in my direction? Notice how she is between me and Obama at all times?

She's about my size. I could take her. LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Oh brother who am I kidding , and what craziness lurks in my brain!?!? Who in their right mind would even think about shoving a noose-like piece of circular knitting in bulky weight with # 15 needles poking out at a Presidential Candidate!?!

Many thanks to my brother Rick who was sitting across the stage from me, that's him, the cute fuzzy one. Without the photos from Rick's vantage point any proof of the Obama/CrazyLady knitting photo would not exist. Except of course those in the file the FBI now has on me.