Thursday, November 08, 2007

Round and Round...

The rack on the swift goes round and round,
round and round,
round and round....

I've been busy. This what I skeined, washed, and balled, on Monday and Tuesday and finished it up today.

I'll tell you what I did yesterday after I talk to my bro. Hopefully he'll have a "better" pic than I......go figure mine didn't turn out.....sigh.

I have definite plans for 5 of these lots. Of course that could change at any moment, but I have already made my reinterpretation of the patterns for three of them, so I'm pretty sure I'll do them. And yes, they are Drops patterns from :o)

I also worked on the Petal Cardi a tiny bit.

I'm doing both sleeves at once cuz I have this horrendous tendency to take lousy notes while I'm working on something, and I'm making these up as I go. In the real pattern they are only short sleeves. I don't know how long I'll make the body, but I've stopped at this point to make sure I have enough yarn for the sleeves and I'm considering an afterthought pocket. According to the pattern I only have a couple inches to go for the body length, I just stopped here cuz that's where the balls ran out.

I still don't know how it's going fit wise, I'm invoking Knitter Denial and just plowing on. Again, according to the pattern, it is suppose to fit size 10 - 18......LOL

Yesterday was a good day, and worthy of something new on the needles, cuz the Petal is nearly done, so I swatched, more about that when and if I get the pix I'm hoping for.