Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Dumb Thing to Do

For a bazillion reasons why, I've been painting a lot lately. When I say a lot, I mean A LOT. Not exactly sure how many quarts or spray cans I've gone through, but yesterday's trip to the hardware store brought home another gallon of paint, and 4 more cans of spray paint. This was the 4th trip of it's kind.

Some of you might think that all this painting is the dumb thing to do, but I enjoy painting. I like taking something old and worn and giving it a new life. Thus all the spray paint. Rustoleum to be exact, to liven up some new-to-me wrought iron patio furniture. (I heart rustoleum) No, the really dumb thing to do is explained below......

Yes, for a few days now I've been painting my "new" furniture outside on huge slabs of cardboard laid out in the yard. A couple of those days have been less than ideal to be using spray paint outside so I've been walking around with semi-permanent dirty looking feet and shins, from the over spray. It rubs off eventually :-)

Today was another story.....overcast, calm, not much chance of over spray, a good day to spray paint, but other dangers loomed unbeknown to me. I had just painted the underside of a large mesh top table and was flipping it over to the paint the top. Why I didn't stop to think about what I was doing, I'll never know. I stepped on to the cardboard, first one foot then the other, and I didn't think a whit about it. Then I took 2 more steps; I had to peel my bare feet away from the cardboard as I did so. Ooooops.

Um yeah, rustoleum, it doesn't wash off!