Friday, June 22, 2007

About Stash Reduction......

Um yeah.....technically I'm really pretty good about stash buying. I'm pretty good about it when it comes to how much $ I spend, on the other hand, I'm not so good about the QUANTITY.

As you all know by now, I LOVE thrifting and estate sales. My brother called this morning and told me I HAD to come to town. He was at an estate sale and was guarding about 20 bags of yarn for me. Of course I asked if it was wool and just as you would suspect the answer was, "Hell I don't know, but there's a lot of it. You better come. I'm standing here with about 20 garbage bags full of yarn for $5.00 a bag." I heard the woman running the sale talking in the background and she was telling my brother, "I know she had a woman in Mackinaw hand spin a lot of this" So I naturally said, "Buy it, I'm on my way!"

This is what I came home with, dutifully obeying all traffic laws cuz, well, I wouldn't have been able to explain my over stuffed car, unless of course the officer's wife was a fiber freak! I was squished again the drivers door, had to tunnel through to reach my gear shift, could see out of 2/3 of the windshield and could only use the side mirror.

28 boxes and bags on the front porch:

In the house and IdaMae is stymied. That's her chair over in the corner to the left:

Fleece, rovings, pencil rovings, and two tops:

On cones:

Neutrals. whites, blacks, and greys:

Blues and purples

Reds and pinks

Yellows and golds


Oranges, rusts and browns

Her color play? Balls of 3 - 8 different yarns twisted together

Projects? All of these bags, about the size of a grocery bag have color coordinated fibers

Examples of what is in each of the project bags:

3 kegs of mop yarn

Extra goodies:

Two ball winders and two little looms

More weaving needles than a fiber store would need!

Two egg beater type rug hooking thingies, 2 sets of tablet weaving cards, and two sets of groovy french curves that will make drawing out my swirl bags soooo much easier

Flowers looms

I also picked up a few fiber books, about 20 yards of burlap, and 9 pieces of burlap that are nearly room size, (8' x 10')

As best I can tell most of the above fibers are wool, cotton, linen, or silk. (If I couldn't readily tell, or if it wasn't labeled I did a quickie burn test) There was a bag's worth of acrylic but I didn't both taking a pic of that.

In each of the color groupings I have pictured above, there is at least 1 if not 2 sweater/jacket worth of nice soft hand knitting yarn in a solid color and perhaps enough for another striped garment. I assuming handspun, by the looks of it, some mostly solid and some beautiful tweedy stuff. I'll take good pix of that yarn up close and personal when I get a bit more organized. Plus there are all those project bags to dig through. I know right now by just glancing there are a several other sweaters coming out of those too. The rest is perfect for rugs, both cotton and wool, guess I'll be hooking again real soon!

Yes, I am going back tomorrow.....

The previous owner was a art teacher. Tomorrow I have to go and get at least a couple of the 100's of reams of paper, (name the weight and dimensions), 1000's of paint brushes, 100's of canvases, some of the clay/pottery/sculpting tools. And I have GOT to check out more books (oh yeah I got a few books today also) Funny thing, I didn't see any paints, just pastels (oil and chalk) but no paints!! Lots of her paintings, watercolors, oils, and acrylics, (which I HAVE to look through and buy) but no paints! Hmmmm See? I just HAVE to go back tomorrow!! I know, I'm a bad, bad, mother....I should have gotten stuff for my kids first, but hey, you all know how intoxicating the smell of wool is.....I lost my head. Besides, how am I going to send reams of paper and giant canvases to Savannah where Gillian goes to school?!? And Bart's fleeting interest in clay has waned since he started blowing glass, and he hardly ever draws anymore, so who knows if he'll ever get those urges again?

Oy, there is soooo much there! Supplies for so many things that I always wanted to try. And supplies for things that I use to do but replaced with other endeavors, not to mention the shopping list I have gotten from the kids......I'll need a U-Haul tomorrow!

BTW, in case you are wondering why on earth anyone would buy sooo many weaving needles, that's the way they do things here at estate sales. They group stuff together in one box and slap a price on it. Believe me I didn't want that many needles! LOL And true to form as estate sales go, I got all of the above pictured and mentioned items for......$100 When you buy a lot of something they just eyeball the pile and throw you a down and dirty price. They are more thrilled you're carting it off than worried about actually adding up all the prices.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

EZ Baby Surprise with a twist

Here is the first prototype of EZ's Baby Surprise with a twist worked in a nearly acceptable color combo, but of course I ran out of yarn again.......(giggle/snort) Being able to block it would help immensely, but this is acrylic yarn.

Pretty much the same, as the original, but I wanted to see if I could get the mitered look on the lowers half......yep, mission accomplished. I've got another on the needles with the mitered look on the lower half rotated so the stripes match and it radiates from the armpit.

Basically this the same concept as EZ's sweater, the only real seam is at the shoulder line, but it also has with a couple of pickup-the-edge-stitch-and-knit-together. An intriguing aspect of this design is that the sleeves can be lengthened a couple of different ways, and not by just adding more rows on the cuff, so adult sizing would be a snap and not just a bunch of add rows of stripes. Bodice length can be increased by stacking another "unit" of miters.

I do have to give a nod to Debbie New also, I've used some concepts I learned from her as well to make this.

BTW, the cuff stitches are still live in these pix, I still want to play with some sleeve lengthening, stuff. I didn't bother with button holes on the trim, and now that I look at it again, I see that I sewed my shoulders seams a little too far and the neck is pretty small! Ooops!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Swirl Bag

This is one of the things I've been doing lately, but before you look at the pix I need to warn you. The colors are YUCK.

To recap what I've said here before.....I often just use "waste" yarns when I'm experimenting. Thus, I don't always have pleasing color combinations, nor do I often have enough of the same color and just pick up the next color in the waste pile at any time I run out of my working yarn. Soooo the colors in this bag and where they appear are NOT intentional. Not that I have a fabulous sense of color when I try, I'm just saying, even I know some of these colors are YUCK this time! :-)

As I mentioned in a previous post, Debbie New is my Hero. :-)

I used EZ's I-cord belt to make the gusset. It's worked on 9 stitches instead of 7, and tapered to a single cord at the edges. You can kinda see the taper in the second pic.

The back side of the bag is the same but with the navy and red reversed. I don't mind having the green gusset, but when I had to use the gold for the handles and then even had to use that fugly mauve to complete the second handle this bag quickly went from something I might use in public to a stay at home project bag!

I have other swirl bags, of different swirls, shapes and sizes, all figured out and can't wait to make them too, but I think I like this one so much I'll cast on one with an acceptable color scheme tonight. Once you get started, it is such a mindless quick knit. After the set-up there's no need for a pattern. You can easily start and stop at any point and come back hours or days later and know exactly what you have to do next. LOVE to have a couple of projects like that on the needles. Lord knows, I'm a tad bit ADD and walk away from things often. lol

I used approximately 700 yards of Lion Brand kitchen cotton and Sugar n Cream . It is worked on #10 needles with 2 strands held together throughout. 13 stitches = 4 inches....I said it was quick!! The next bag I might work in a smaller gauge. The only problem is, I know I have enough stash cotton to work it in this gauge, will I have enough yardage for a smaller gauge.....sigh.....another not to be seen in public bag????

Monika...just for you darling.......more shirt bags!! Slightly better pix!!! :-P

See the cuff that is buttoned around the handle? It holds the folded up bag in a nice tiny bundle.

And here are few more shirt bags. I've been using them everywhere and I love them!

Not sure what tomorrow (or the next time I post, giggle/snort) will be. Either the felted vessels and beads or the EZ surprise with a touch of DN inspiration. Some of the felt pieces still need some work and the surprise with a touch experiment is even more fugly than the color combo of this bag. Even I, the person who had the nerve to use that gold and mauve in the swirl bag will not subject anyone to that experiment! A new better coordinated version is nearly complete. Prob'ly another hour or so of knitting, guess I'll either finish up the felt or finish the sweater before I cast on for another swirl will give me time to really get paranoid about not having enough yardage for the smaller gauge!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Timely Temps????'s June......right?

Even worse.....pic was taken at 5:20 pm.....glad I didn't think to look earlier......scheesh!

Been busy with LOTS of new projects. A few are very near completion so tomorrow, maybe the next day, there will be some pix and info. One crocheted, some knitted and some felted.

Got my Ravelry invite a few days ago.......yup, it IS all that's it is cracked up to be!!! :-)

Friday, June 01, 2007

On the Street Where I Live

This is where I live:

I suppose this is not very interesting for many, but to me it is fascinating on multiple levels. I guess the fact that I have my degree in Geological Sciences is explanation enough for some of my enjoyment. Yes, I have a degree in the field of Science that includes that blow-off freshmen class most seniors take, typically called, "Rocks for Jocks". BTW, just so you know, most (?) Professors blow that class off too! I taught two sections as a junior when I was in school...his name was on the syllabus, his ass was in his office, and I was at the head of the class. lol

Anyway, even though photos like this many not impress you for what they are, don't the patterns look pretty? :-)

So my knitting mojo came back......for a little while. It's still lurking about, and I'm working on a summer top, but it has lost a lot of it's intensity. I've been keeping busy with other pursuits. None of which I care to talk about, but I have taken some breaks and turned to my fibers.

I've been doing a bit of felting this past week. Felted beads/balls, bracelets, and vessels. Nothing overly exciting, just a few more experiments. I intend to take them to another level, but well keep all that info for another day.

Ooops gotta go, the squall line is at last in view....I gotta go watch the storm roll in.....yep I'm a geek, but you knew that already.