Monday, October 16, 2006

Multiple Directions

Just to prove I'm still around I decided to post a couple pics of a cropped sweater/top I made a couple months ago. I had it briefly entered in a design contest this past spring. I yanked it from the competition......sigh....... I had a marvelous time designing and working this piece, but oh well. I did it for the fun of it and not the prize, so it served it's purpose.

First off, gotta tell ya, I made this sweater to fit me, not my 19 year old beautiful niece with the incredible bod!! I'm 5'6" , short waisted, and not, how shall we say it..."shapely" . Erin on the other hand is about 6 foot and a BABE! :-) So the shoulders pull and the it's a bit too short for her but you can get the idea of how the thing looks. To give you more of an idea as to how it is supposed to fit, in the second picture with the front closed asymmetrically...on me it is 3 blocks wide that line up perfectly in the front! LOL

If anyone is interested here's the low-down:

Made with Lion Brand Multi-Stripes and Wool Ease Sport
One piece construction
No Seams
Minimal ends to weave in (12 total not including ball ends)
No picked up stitches

Yes, it is made using some of "those techniques" and a few added bits from this knitter's bag o' tricks. But I'm not going any further ......I might be accused of copyright infringement.....she said I would be. How am I suppose know?? She's in the business, I'm not. It's a shame. I have some really, really cool designs using this type of technique, and they are fun to do, but I feel stifled because of her threats. All I can say right now is I'm dang glad the man/woman who came up with SSK or Ktbl or a short row heel, aren't around to stifle wanna be designers.

Here's a list of what I've actually been doing the last few days:

Made Joe a pair of sweat pants and myself a pair of yoga pants...we match ain't that sweet...barf. I picked up the material at my most favorite thrift store "The Church Mouse". I got all 5 yards for 50 cents!! I sooo love my "Mouse". It's staffed by the cutest bunch of little old ladies. I take the time to speak to "the Girls" and share what my plans are for this material, yarn, buttons, canvas, article of clothing, etc. They get a kick out of the stuff I do, so many have given up needlework because of poor eyesight or arthritic hands.

Made a couple of pillow tops..crocheted

Still working on my Fall coat...sigh....guess I could wear it in the Spring too!! But it's nearly done. Maybe a another couple of days. Most of the embellishment is done. I have the cuffs figured but not done. Still thinking about the collar/neck, and I've got to cut and sew the lining, but none of that will take too long. Like I said, another couple of days or so.

I picked up some needles on Friday and started a sweater. Was actually going to make an EZ rib warmer, but after the first short row corner it morphed. The bodice kind of meanders around ala Debbie New and EZ Badger with some gores inserted here and there. Turning out to be a nice finger tip, swing-style. Just the sleeves left to do. Selma's wearing it right now, as we try to figure out the best sleeves. I know I want the sleeves to have a tight cuff, which of course is going to look ridiculous with the volumnous body but this design is for me. I need something that is comfy and warm up in my workroom and won't both my arms. Heating the second floor of this house was not a priority for the builders in 1906 so while there are some heating ducts up there, there aren't many! Hm maybe a mutton sleeve???? Or maybe a full sleeve that can be rolled up out of the way with a tight inner cuff from the elbow down...hmmmmm

I've also been working on my "shape shifters". These are origami type sweaters (ala DN's tams and ouroborus, and EZ's ameoba-like surprises) Working on a pair of pants right now. Yeah I know knitted pants, but the mental gymnastics is what I'm after. I haven't made them full scale yet, just playing around, but considering how cold it is in my workroom right now and winter hasn't even begun...well.....don't be surprised. :-)